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From the beginning, our focus is sorely to achieve the end result
In an age of fast technology and expanding communication channels, people are becoming more and more digitally connected, yet paradoxically distanced from God, and the benefits which the kingdom of God brings.
TES MEDIA STUDIOS  is committed to doing one thing exceptionally well: helping people live the Gods kingdom kind of life here on earth.
We provide a helpful articles and tools to help you live the Kingdom life here on earth i.e. goodly life, Sound Health, Abundance of prosperity, Long life, among others
Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, TES MEDIA STUDIOS is committed to teaching practical principles from the bible.

And why do we do what we do
We are a company of many perspectives unified by one goal: We have a goal to dish out the word of God, and teach practical principles  from the Bible on Living the Kingdom life here on earth.
Inorder to be a point of light to people around you, we believe everyone and every interaction matters. With an “others first” mentality, we serve with thought and heart, owning every moment, working to quickly, simply, and effectively make things better. We listen with our brain and speak from our heart, creating a spirit of trust with you.
TES MEDIA STUDIOS Standard of Conduct
Operating within clear guidelines for high spiritual, ethical and respectful conduct is important to TES MEDIA STUDIOS, our visitors and our employees. It allows us the opportunity to advise all our mentee. TES MEDIA STUDIOS employees receive continuous education and information about Gods standard of living, and conversation about the standard is encouraged to help employees navigate through everyday conversation with the mentee. we are comitted to giving the best.

Our mission is to explore, promote and create a godly media world that will provide platforms where the gospel of christ and Gods kingdom be preached.

Is to be a technology inclined media house that is well equipped in character, skill, and adequate recources in order to raise a godly media home which shall lead the world of media and at large meet the needs of humanity.

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Toluwase Emmanuel Shorun founded TES Media Studios in 2017, and we are working towards being the best media house; our articles are designed to help you improve your Spirit, Mind, and intellect; in order to be of productive impact to our world.


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